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Our Story

          We are passionate about local foods and foods that nurture your soul, as well as your body.  After all, food should taste good!  We work hard at providing fare that is more delicious than anything you can buy conventionally.  And we try to be the best stewards of the land and animals that we care for.  We take very seriously the trust you have placed in us for providing food to your family and welcome questions and farm visits so you can have confidence in your purchase.​

          While each resident of our farm has their own specific needs, we follow general principles for all of them.  We treat them with respect, give them the care they need, and provide the most natural life possible.  We buy most of our feed from local farmers.  When we cannot find the feed locally that meets our needs, we buy Certified Organic.  All of our animals are raised on pasture and in the open air and sunshine.  We never feed GMOs, hormones, or give routine antibiotics. We do not use pesticides or artificial fertilizers on our property.  We respect the wild residents of our farm and live with them (while trying not to provide them our animals or crops for dinner!).  We are honored by the opportunity to provide healthful and delicious foods to our community, to help preserve heritage varieties of livestock, and to build a farm based on sustainability, diversity, and symbiosis. And we thank God every day for the blessing of living on a farm in Wyoming.

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