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Berkshire Pork Chop

Pork Purchasing

There are a few different options for purchasing our delicious Berkshire pork.  We can sell in bulk (a half or whole hog) which is our most economical option.  You can also purchase individual cuts at the Farmer's Market, our farm, or Cross E Dairy Freedom Foods in Sheridan.   


Bulk Pork


When purchasing bulk pork, you must buy either a half or whole pig.  There are essentially two charges when buying this way. First, is the charge for the pork, second is the charge for the processing.


PORK:  We charge by carcass weight, which is the weight after the animal is slaughtered and the internal organs are removed.    Our current prices are:


WHOLE - $4.50/lb

HALF - $4.75/lb


Our hogs average a hanging weight of 180-220 lbs.  The actual amount of processed meat can vary significantly depending on your processing instructions, but we have found 65% of the carcass weight to be a very conservative estimate of the weight of the packaged meat you will receive.


PROCESSING:  Since the pigs are custom-processed, the cost of processing will vary by individual.  So we pay the processor when we pick the animal up, and the buyer is charged exactly what the processing cost.  We process at Western Heritage Meat Company, Sheridan, WY.  

Western Heritage is a USDA-inspected facility, which is able to produce MSG and BHA/BHT-free sausage items.  Their charges are as follows:

Kill fee - $88 per animal

Processing (carcass weight) - $1.02/lb

Cure - $1.52/lb
Sausage (Bulk) - $1.09/lb

Sausage (Link)  - $1.95/lb


Each animal and processing order is different, but the average processing has been around $400 per hog.  This does not include specialty items, like link or smoked sausages.  It will be around $200 for a half-hog.

TOTAL:  Multiply the carcass weight times the charge per pound, then add the processing, and you'll have an idea how much your purchase will be.  And if you find somebody to split your order, we will always honor the lower price.  In other words, if you want a half, find a buyer for the other half, and you will be charged the whole hog price.

Individual Cuts



(All prices per pound)

    Tenderloin - $22
    Pork Chops - $12
    Loin Roasts (Boneless) - $18

​    Loin End Roast (Bone-in) - $12
    Shoulder Roasts - $11
    Boston Butt Shoulder Roast - $10
    Spare Ribs - $7
    Backfat - $10/5 lb bag

MOKEHOUSE PRODUCTS: (All products are free from MSG and BHA/BHT)

    Bacon (hickory-smoked) - $14
    Ham (hickory-smoked) - $10

    Sweet Italian Sausage (links) - $14
    Chorizo (links) - $14

    Bratwurst (links) - $14
    Breakfast Sausage (bulk) - $12

    Sweet Italian Sausage (bulk) - $12

    Chorizo (bulk) - $12

    Ground Pork (bulk) - $11    

    Smoked Ham Hocks - $8

Bulk Pork
Individual Cuts
Pork Subscriptions
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