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They're all in line!

Spring in Wyoming is an eagerly anticipated event. We are all anxiously awaiting the warm weather and sunshine, even if we are winter lovers who don't let the cold keep us inside. But when Spring comes to Wyoming, it comes in fits and starts. We pray that all the animals give birth during the warm spells and that the cold spells aren't too cold. With our short growing season, we are like racehorses in the starting gate, chomping at the bit to begin our race to get in the dirt. Just as in horse racing, this does come with some false starts - evidenced by tender leaves damaged by frost or seeds languishing in cold, wet ground. Yet sometimes, we win, and so we try again every year. Those who grow food in Wyoming may have stubbornness issues...

Meat Reservations for Fall/Winter 2021

If there is anything we can all agree on about the last year, it is that having a freezer full of local meat is a great comfort. Not only is there confidence in your local food supply, but it is a much more economical way to enjoy high quality meats than buying by the cut. We are currently taking deposits for our gourmet Berkshire pork, Icelandic lamb, and chevon. These are orders for whole or half animals. Order quickly as these reservations fill up fast! (If you don't already have an extra freezer, it would be a great idea to order one now. I know that last fall, the wait list for freezers to be back in stock was long!) Send us an email at with any questions, and to determine availability and get on our list. Deposits are as follows: Whole Hog - $250

Half Hog - $125

Whole Lamb - $100

Half Lamb - $75

Whole Goat - $100

Half Goat - $75

Please follow these links to find more information on the pricing and ordering process: Berkshire pork, Icelandic Lamb, and Chevon (Goat).

And they're off!

Springtime activities are in full swing already. We usually aim for all of the new animals to be born before May, so we can focus on planting. Lambs, goats, and piglets are already on the ground, and we are simply waiting on a few late bloomers. Calves will be arriving in the early summer. We are excited to add turkeys and guineas in May. They will be a new adventure for us!

Speaking of adventures, we are focusing our attention this year on our perennial fruits. Don't worry - Michael still has all his pumpkin plans, and the seedlings are thriving in the greenhouse. However, most of our garden activity will be encouraging last year's strawberry and raspberry plantings, maintaining well our beautiful orchard, as well as focusing on this year's new experiments in cold hardy grapes and sweet cherries. Many of these new grapes and cherries are officially designated for warmer climates than ours, but we are going to experiment with microclimates and some extra TLC to see if they can be productive for us. We'll let you know how it turns out!

The race is on...

Thanks for checking in with us! We look forward to seeing you this year! We are at Landon's Market on Saturday mornings or contact us for on-farm sales. If you would like to be signed up for our newsletter, just click here: Newsletter. And in the spirit of horse racing that I've written this in, I'll leave you with this photo blast from the past. (Hint: There are two in the picture with really long, skinny legs. I'm the one who is not the horse!)


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