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Every season has its charms, and I love them all. But there is just something extra special about autumn -- and it isn't pumpkin spice. (Although I know that for many, that is just the icing on top of an already beautiful season!) We are enjoying the brisk mornings, the leaves starting to change, and even some new babies. There is also lots to be done - getting the orchard trees and berries mulched for winter, harvesting honey and insulating bee hives, fall shearing of the sheep, and lots of wood chopping to keep us warm, too!

There is so much more to share in this newsletter! Please bear with me, and I'll try to keep it short and sweet - like pumpkin spice season. But first, I need to let you know that also coming to a close is our season at Landon's Farmer's Market. We need to start preparing for winter so we will be at market for the next three Saturdays - Sep 23, Sep 30, and Oct 7. After that, you will still be able to find us at Freedom Foods or just contact us! EXCITING NEW PRODUCTS! We have some new sausage products from our first processing with Western Heritage Meat Company - and they are fantastic! We will have them at FALL FEST (more on that in a bit!) and at Cross E Dairy/Freedom Foods on Main Street, Sheridan. Bratwurst - actually an oldie, but a goodie, back in stock for Oktoberfest! Andouille - a spicy favorite! This is the traditional pork, but we are also planning on offering a lamb version later in the season. Let us know if you are interested!

Sun-dried tomato Italian sausage - A fantastic alternative to our regular sweet Italian! It is a little spicier, and so flavorful. You have got to give this one a try! Breakfast sausage links - Our first time offering breakfast sausage links - same great flavor, but in oh-so-cute little link sausages!


Fall Fest is Saturday, Sept 23, at Landon's Greenhouse, from 9 am to 1 pm! We will be there with our new products, a few of Michael's fun pumpkins, as well as our beautiful

Icelandic sheep pelts!

Be thinking ahead to Christmas, as these would make fabulous gifts!


And finally, I wanted to share a couple of my FAVORITE fall recipes! If you would like hard copy recipe cards, we will have them at our both tomorrow, as well as our delicious pork chops and butt roasts with which to make them!!

Wishing you abundant life and good health!



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